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Rhea Jeffrey

Digital Marketing

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Rhea really likes digital marketing.

Qualifications include a B.A. (Hons) degree in Multimedia Design (those Flash skills aren’t so useful these days) and a CIM Diploma in Marketing.

She began her career in digital as a website administrator for Game UK. Apparently she thought she’d get to play lots of games but actually, she had to update the website loads instead – as per the job spec. An e-commerce giant at the time, Rhea was gently introduced to the wonders of UX, conversion optimisation and SEO.

“Now these skills are vital and with more rounded skills and experience, I love using the data behind all the marketing activities we run to make excellent, informed decisions about what a marketing plan needs to look like. There’s no ‘finger in the air to see which way the wind blows marketing’ going on here.

When not working, reading Feedly, Tweeting or Instagraming, I’m exercising. (This makes me sound way more motivated than I really am). I take ballet classes, visit the gym, walk on the beach and Kayak – when it’s warm enough.

Recently, I’ve been really getting into Podcasts. My top tips this month: ‘Serial’ and ‘Start Up’”