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Ben Louis Smith

Digital Designer

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Ben loves beautiful things, as long as they’re digital…

With over 15 years of experience in digital design, he definitely knows his stuff. Ben Graduated from Swansea Met with a 2:1. And then later on went on to teach the degree course for a year. During that time Ben has worked on some impressive award-winning projects.

“I grew up a skateboarder and fell in love with the designs on the decks and it was often a competition with my friends as to who had the best board designs/illustrations. Once the underside of the board got thrashed it became a canvas for me to create my own designs on, ones I knew only I would have.

Also I was an avid record collector and there was many-a-time where I bought albums just for their gatefold artwork. These 2 elements got me hooked on all things design even though at the time I had never heard of the term Graphic Design, to me it just art – creativity as a form of self-expression.

It wasn’t until careers day at secondary school that I found out you could make a living from graphic design. The teachers had all mapped out what I saw as a terrible future for me – working in a bank, an office or worse for the council as a surveryor!!! I decided my future was just that, mine and I wanted to be a graphic designer.

I’ve been very lucky in that I have followed that dream, and, even after all this time I still get excited by the challenges of the job at hand, inspired by the work of others, the passion of our clients and the possibilities of new technology for communicating ideas.”