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The Value Of Art Direction

Art Direction - The art of supervising and unifying a vision. Today we learnt for ourselves what the true value of this service felt like when we took part in our own photo shoot.

philosophi -photoshoot planning and art direction

Art Direction – It’s often one of those ‘extra items’ when you are looking at a photography quote from your design agency and something that is often avoided in order to bring costs down.

Today we had a finite amount of time to get as much done as possible (budget always a consideration). Our art director, Thad Cox had written the photographer a brief prior to the day so that she knew exactly what we wanted, the message we were trying to get across and the look and feel we wanted for the images. Good job too as you’ll know if you’ve ever done your own business photo shoot! I’ve not met that many people who revel in the idea of these things, most of us hate having our pictures taken, or at least those of us who aren’t models or a-list celebs.

We didn’t necessarily have to have a separate art direction, photographers will do this as part of the service they offer usually.  The reason it was important for us is that Thad is working on a project with us at the moment and these photos would form part of that, so it made complete sense that he had input on what he needed.

It was the little things that we hadn’t really thought about, from the clutter of our desks (and I cleaned mine especially!), the type of laptop we may use… (the dell just doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to say ‘creative’),  and that coffee stain inside the mug that none of us noticed… the ability to see what us mere mortals just don’t see is indeed a gift.  What was really nice about the process was the fact that we could be relaxed (ish), have conversations, do things we’d normally do and not pose awkwardly for fake forced images..  we moved to various locations and had shots taken while we were walking, talking, laughing.

Our photographer Olivia Bossert made us feel at ease and made it fun, and she used different angels to create more depth and movement to the photographs, shooting from outside a room through a window or from the bottom of steps as we walked down.

Throughout the session, Thad kept us on brief, on time and on message (and behaving ourselves), and Olivia came up with new ideas and locations to try, and we got so much more out of the time we had.  Also of note was that although the art direction was not specifically being led by the Olivia, she was treated as the creative in charge, and with respect for her craft. I’ve unfortunately seen many a photographer treated badly over the years from order-barking art directors.

We’re yet to see the photos of course but from a customer perspective (makes a change for us), the value of this art direction was very obvious and it made for an enjoyable and productive shoot.

Thank you to Thad and Olivia and our amazing Philosophi team, without whom I would be quite lost.