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Stay Safe online on Black Friday

Christmas is fast approaching and the criminals are expecting you to be less careful - let's ruin their Christmas instead!

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As wonderful as Black Friday can be for fantastic Pre-Christmas offers, it’s also a wonderland for cyber criminals with such large volumes of ecommerce activity on the same day. Here are some tips to help you stay safe when you’re catching those last minute deals tonight.

Check website addresses carefully, look for typos, i.e aemazon vs amazon and make sure that the site starts with https if you are online shopping, this means it is secure and your information is encrypted.

Be aware of anything that seems too good to be true, especially if it’s free!  we’ve seen lots of these on Facebook and when you click on the ads, they take you to a site and ask for personal details.  Trust your instinct.

Be aware of links in emails (Phishing) that either download nasty software or viruses on your computer or take you to a website and ask you to enter your personal  and or financial information. One good way to check a link is to hover over it and look bottom left (usually) on your computer to see what the link actually says.  If it looks legitimate,  and matches the url (website address) displayed in the email and the website domain name it may be ok, you can double check by opening a new window and  then put the website address directly rather than clicking on the link from within the email.

Don’t shop online across a free unsecured WIFI network, hackers can and do access your activity and details.  Don’t get us wrong, free WIFI can be super useful, just bear in mind that anything you do could be seen, so chose carefully.

Be aware of fake discount codes, check that the site you click through too looks legitimate as per above advice and don’t get too sucked into the ‘rush’ mindset that Black Friday and Cyber Monday often create.

For more help and advice during Black Friday and over the Christmas online sales period, visit the government backed internet safety site: https://www.getsafeonline.org/

Not all doom and gloom, there are some great deals to be had, and Christmas is fast approaching, hooray!!  Just be careful out there, the baddies are counting on you being too excited to be careful 🙂