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Christmas Campaign Planning – Ready For Christmas?

Christmas campaign planning - Santa Claus doing the ironing

Christmas campaign planning.

Don’t worry we’re talking about your marketing strategy and campaign plans not your turkey order..

Ideally, by now, you’ll have your Christmas campaign planning complete to the finer detail, budgets in place, creative complete or almost complete and in a few weeks, depending on what business you are in, you may even be pushing that green button.

Not even close? its not too late to get organised, and the following check list might help you (you won’t necessarily want to do all of this activity):


  1. Agree on targets and objectives for Christmas period
  2. Review previous year performance and SWOT* analysis against this year
  3. Agree on budget
  4. Write brief and invite agencies
  5. Select agency by month end at the very latest

*Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Campaign strategy complete
  3. Creative finalised
  4. New marketing tool accounts setup if need and tested
  5. Email database cleansed and ready to go
  6. Any affiliate marketing assets sent ready for their Christmas newsletters
  7. All pre or post Christmas sale plans in place


  1. First strand of email campaign – Early November – discount code or other benefit/loyalty points/recommend a friend etc
  2. Adwords Campaign begins
  3. Prep for all sale assets in place
  4. Possible early bird flash sale
  5. Facebook/Twitter campaign may start
  6. Second Strand of email campaign – late November
  7. New Year campaign assets in place
  8. Adwords campaign ramps up – late November


  1. Adwords Christmas campaign – will be getting competitive now – refine and focus (maximise budget)
  2. Third strand of email campaign – last special offers
  3. Sale email – strand 1 Post Christmas sale starts
  4. Sale – Adwords campaign starts
  5. Sale social media  campaigns running


  1. Sale – email strand 2 – Post Christmas campaign planning continues
  2. Email – New Year
  3. New Year social media campaign

The point is, there is a lot to be planned, designed, signed off, organised etc, if you leave things to the last minute you cannot expect a good return plus you’ll likely find that your designer or marketeers are pretty busy working on campaign design, get booked in!

Do you have an agency that will start your campaigns over the Christmas break? If you are starting a sale, have you got a support agreement in place to ensure you have the relevant support during this period? Most importantly, has everything been tested and have checks been made on your third party spend budget? running out of budget over the Christmas trading period is nothing less than a disaster. 

Happy Christmas.. ? Too soon