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New Marketing Plan – Part 2

Marketing Communications

In Part 1 we looked at the review and analysis of your website user experience and journey to highlight any issues your customers may face as well as looking at your website analytics to get a feel for what kind of activity your website was seeing and if you could pick out anything to celebrate or any cause for concern.

#3 Review the effectiveness of your marketing communications

It’s worth noting that we’re looking at online communications here and not print, but do consider this too as it’s all part of your communications toolkit. This information is part of your initial review stage and is meant to help you gain a better picture into what is and isn’t working.

Branding – is this consistent across all of your marketing channels? Have you found it hard to manage the tone of voice when using social media where lots of voices are involved ? Are your brand guidelines up to date? and do they include digital communications? (many still don’t).

Email marketing – What to look for? Ok so how much has your list size grown over the last 12 months? What has happened to your open rate and click through rate over that period? When did you last clean your email database?  Is it always the same people who open and click through to your emails? Has your unsubscribe rate gone up? When looking at the stats of your email campaigns, do you notice that a different style of email had a better response than others? Or what about the time and day of the week you send your emails, anything worthy of note here ? Most importantly, if your emails are designed to generate conversions, have they? or has your website let you down here?

Social media channels – Businesses will use various mixes of these channels to communicate with different segments of their internal and external client base. Things to look for then: the simple ones are tracking likes, followers, shares, pins, etc growth or decline? But what about noticing trends in how people communicate with you using these routes? Twitter communication, for example: do your clients and customers take direct to Twitter when they have a complaint? How has this been handled in the last 12 months? Do you need a better strategy this year?

Creative design assets – How effective have your creative assets been in the last 12 months? So this includes anything from website slider images to social media image posts, to banner ads. How your brand is represented is more than just your logo and creative is often the most abused area with some people adding social image posts and others throwing up Facebook posts…(discovered Canva recently anyone? – I think I might get banned by our design team soon). Have you included a call to action on some of  your creative communications that has worked better than others? Have you found that using more images gets a better response than text based messaging? This element is a bit hard to quantify but just have a look at what you’ve done over the last year and see if you can identify a pattern.

Surveys, polls and reviews – Have you communicated with your customers and clients in this way? Good responses to some things, bad to others…or no pattern maybe? In our experience, a customer will usually leave a product review quite happily with little encouragement, as long as it’s simple and easy to do. Surveys and polls tend to be a different matter as the canny consumer knows they have to invest some time. If  incentivised, however, people will usually give you their time, but do make it a good incentive..

Offline Marketing Communications –very much still an important part of the marketing mix and including your brochures, exhibition materials, business stationary, adverts etc.  Are these materials effective? can you measure this effectiveness and therefore for the return on this channel?

Ok, lots more to think about and part 3 will be coming soon. Still looking at the review and analysis angle, we’ll be talking about reviewing your paid for advertising and your search engine performance.

Thank you for reading and please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything we’ve mentioned so far.