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Natural Beauty & Eco Friendly Cosmetics Demand UK Consumers

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Natural Beauty Please

Have you noticed that more and more natural beauty products now state things like ‘Paraben Free’, ‘Silicone Free’ etc? It’s a change that is giving brands a competitive edge, why? Because we demand it that’s why.

What are Parabens?

Parabens are a chemical compound commonly used as preservatives and are used to give products a longer shelf life and kill any bacteria that might try and grow.

The numbers don’t lie and according to those in the know (Mintel etc), natural beauty and skincare has seen a 24% sales growth over the last four years compared to a measly 2.7% for all beauty.

UK Want Natural Beauty

UK consumers are interested more than ever in natural beauty ingredients that go on our bodies as well as in our bodies. There has also been a huge surge in environmental concerns regarding packaging, specifically plastic waste (we thank you Sir David Attenborough). This is something else that is giving the brands who are prepared to invest a serious competitive advantage.

Are Brands Responding?

Some brands are killing it out there with the ‘Natural’ approach, there are many brands who state ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ ingredients these days in response to these demands. There’s an Australian brand called dr roebucks who’s approach to selling the ‘natural skincare and cosmetics lifestyle’ is so on the money! Their marketing is as simple and pure as the products. Hats off and all that!

We do it well in the UK because the demand is there, there are over 45 british skincare brands on the Soil Association website that are certified ‘Organic’ but only 7 makeup brands. Gap in the market perhaps? Come on brands, us brits need you!

What Are Brands Doing Exactly?

Brands are listening and should listen, the consumers are speaking with their hard earned cash and in the UK, where the buzz word has been austerity for way too long, the tides are changing.  People it seems are prepared to go without for better quality and that includes natural beauty ingredients and packaging.

Looking at some of the big packaging companies out there, the big brands are responding to these demands gradually, there is an interesting article here about Loreal and their packaging strategy

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Some brands are taking the opportunity to be really innovative and those are the ones that catch our eye!

One example of such a brand, Kjaer Weis, a cosmetics brand from the US has developed makeup containers (this doesn’t make them sound very beautiful but they are!) that are to keep, refills are then sold easily on each product page..




A relatively new brand from the UK, Gaia Spa (Handmade by people not machines) are using not only natural and organic ingredients but have also paid attention to their packaging, they say:

The Gaia bamboo jars are made from 100% natural bamboo and are biodegradable with the minimal plastic inner being recyclable. The green of the Gaia oil bottles is the most healing of the colour spectrum associated with health, growth and rising energy. Gaia packaging is 100% recyclable.

The solutions are out there and it seems that many consumers are prepared to pay more for these products, so why aren’t all brands doing it?  profit margins spring to mind, there is a higher cost to companies in using more sustainable ‘green’packaging and the risk of it not paying off is too much for some companies, for others its all about the bottom line.

Is Offering Natural Beauty A Competitive Advantage?

We think so in the UK,  yes.  If you ask any brand what kind of customer they would rather have they will mostly reply with the same responses. Brands want customers that care and buy into the brand, quality of the product and the company ethos more than just price. Those price sensitive consumers aren’t usually loyal but they can be turned for the right reasons. Investing in marketing saving our health as consumers as well as the planet we live on and you are on to a winner. It is a competitive space but there is room for more choice.

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