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LSI Keywords for SEO


LSI Keywords for SEO are something to be taken notice of in 2019. Never heard of the phrase LSI? We’re here to assist.

What Are LSI Keywords?

LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s what search engines use to understand what other words (keywords and phrases) people use around a given subject.  LSI keywords are important for a search engine strategy because they are used to determine the relevance of specific content.

Why Use LSI Keywords?

Google and other search engines want to help people find the content they need and not necessarily just focus the search term used.  LSI keywords are words we’d expect to see related to each other from a topical perspective.

LSI Keyword Example

Let’s say I run an online fruit and vegetable store. My target keyword for a page is ‘Cornish Organic Apples’. My Long Tail Keyword (LTK) might be something like ‘can I buy cornish organic apples online’.  The LSI keywords that appear on this page should then be researched around the topic, for example:

  • organic food delivery
  • cornish apples
  • organic apples near me
  • buy organic apples


When To Use LSI Keywords

When adding content to your website if you use a tool like Yoast (or similar), you’ll be familiar with the warnings on keyword density.  These safeguards are there to protect you from the overuse of your keyword, or ‘keyword stuffing’. Long tail keywords and LSI keywords can be used in conjunction to a main keyword to help add context to the page. By doing this you are most importantly giving the search engines more context and improving your SEO to boot.

How to Find LSI keywords

If you use Google Ads, then you are probably already seeing these LSI results as Google will provide keyword suggestions around an initial search in it’s keyword planner tool. This tool will tell you what the average monthly search volume is for example, how competitive the keyword is in addition to what the cost per click would be. If you don’t use Google ads, there are some free tools out there. One that we’ve often seen recommended is from LSIGraph.com .

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