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Introducing – The Samphire Club

The Samphire Club

How It All Came About

It was almost a year ago when I sat down with John Harvey and we talked about his idea for a private members networking club;  “Canapés & Conversations”. the idea being that business people could sit down with people they really wanted to do business with over lunch, dinner and/or drinks, to build a relationship and properly connect.  John Harvey is the best networker I have ever met, and has give me some very good advice over the years, I just knew it was what was missing in the South West and also that if he was involved, it would work, we were in!

Slight issue I had at the time was the name, I know John won’t mind me telling you that I mentioned the words, “gossiping, older ladies, needlework and vol au vents”  when visualising it but agreed that as his Canapés & Conversations name was  synonymous with John personally (via his blog) that it needed to stay somehow.

The Samphire ClubThe Samphire Club Logo MarkWe set about coming up with ideas for names (and domain names) and fast forward to a while later;  The Samphire Club was born. The name “Samphire” is derived from the ocean, it’s considered to be rare,  a product of quality (it’s high in nutrients) and is considered a super food no less! This all worked when thinking of John’s vision for the club and the sort of members he’d like to invite to join. The branding work was started in the summer and, fast forward three or four weeks, the logo was born and brand guidelines created.


The Project Team

Samphire Club partners meetingThe Samphire Club - Project Team20151210_132150

Taster Samphire Partner meetings were of course a requirement, just to get it right you understand,  and gave us a good chance to discuss the various elements of the project as well as meet each other in person! (so often we deal solely by email these days!), this time in particular was at the Greenbank Hotel and the food, view and company were just perfect and gave us a taste of things to come.

While John was busier than ever inviting members, planning the members packages, liaising with Vicki and Sue on the magazine, planning the launch event and dashing up and down to London, we set about designing members invites, launch event invites and we also kicked off the website development project with Phil and his fab team at IT West (Tristan to name names). Tristan integrated our branding and website design into an actual working site. Content was added, including the brilliant launch film by Chris Mugford (viewable on the homepage of the Samphire Club website), analytics setup, marketing tasks completed (thank you Rhea) and launched.. phew!

membership invite he Samphire Club - website homepage  Samphire Club - Launch invite

I have been amazed and warmed by peoples creativity and generosity on this project, so many talents all working together was such a fantastic thing to be a part of, we loved it! So a huge personal thanks to:

  • Viki Carpenter from Gloss Magazines – who created the beautiful and first ever Samphire Club magazine.
  • Chris and Ros from Chris Mugford – who developed an amazing launch film
  • Sue Bradbury and team at Sue Bradbury PR – who created content for the magazine
  • Phil Allatt and team at IT West – who built the Samphire website
  • Daniel Gradwell and crew at Kindgom & Sparrow – who designed and created the beautiful members packs
  • Hazel Parsons and Jenny Wren Events – who put together last nights launch party! such a success!
  • Eva Seymour from Well Put Words  – who wrote the content for the website and various other materials

You can check out all of the Samphire Club Partners here.

What we love about this idea and John’s vision goes hand in hand with our own company ethos at Philosophi including to always treat people well including our own people, competitors, clients and potential clients alike.  To get to know people properly, find out if you are a good fit for each others businesses – avoiding the ram your sales pitch at anyone who will listen approach. Encourage competition, it’s healthy not the enemy. A breath or fresh air and a different approach, that’s The Samphire Club.

The Launch

Launch event bagsSC - Launch - wineSC - Launch - cakeSC - Launch

So the morning after the launch before……. So proud of John for making this all happen, and very honoured to be a part of it from the start. We are certainly looking forward to delicious boozy lunches……I mean making new and successful business connections leading to doing more business together in Cornwall, The South West and further afield in London.