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Has Google Voice Search Changed Anything?

The use of Google Voice Search is on the rise since its launch several years ago, do you search verbally or is it just our teens leading the way?

If you aren’t familiar with this feature, its that microphone shaped icon on the Google search box.. you activate it by saying “Ok Google..” followed by your search query.  Other platforms and devices have been offering this style of search for some time now, Apple’s ‘Siri’ as one example.

Google Voice search infographicGoogle reports that 55 percent of teens are now using voice search, with 40 percent of adults currently using it.

Does this searching style have an impact on how your optimise your content and campaigns for search?  yes of course, doesn’t it always.

So what’s the difference in terms of how Google responds to voice and text requests? Essentially the algorithm is still the same, but voice search tends to fall under different query types and therefore generates different results.

It will be in understanding this range of query types that marketeers will be able adjust their campaign and search strategies to ensure no search traffic is missed.


As marketeers, we have long been aware that content optimisation is not about focussing on core keywords only. Content should always be written with the intended audience in mind and things like long tail keywords are already heading in the direction of this new style of search anyway.  Long tail keywords are simply much more specific search phrases, for example:

  • Keyword: Socks
  • Longtail Keyword: Ladies white sports socks
  • Voice keywords: Ok Google, I’d like some ladies white sports socks in a size 5

How does your site fair? have you tried voice search to find out yourself? The frustrating thing for now is that voice search doesn’t show up in Google Analytics which isn’t very helpful.

When Google Voice Search was first launched it was felt it was all about a move to delivering a personal assistant feature and we have seen this built in to various devices already so watch this space then.

We’d love to hear what you think, do you use it yourself? feel embarrassed using voice search and sounding silly? whatever you do, don’t do it in earshot of your teenagers though, you WILL say the wrong thing, guaranteed!