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Google – Mobile First Indexing Emails


Mobile First Indexing is all about how Google gathers content, it does this to ensure that users on mobiles that search are delivered the best results and content. Often this content appears differently on mobile or responsive layouts.  So if you have received an email that looks like this in the last few days, this is what it’s all about:


I haven’t Received An Email

These emails are being sent out initially to Google Search Console Users and so if you are a site owner this might not necessarily be something you receive. Speak to your marketing team or agency and ask them if your indexing is changing and if anything needs to be changed.

Will this Impact Your SEO & Ranking?

It might yes, depending on how different your content is for different viewers. Google used to use the desktop version of a pages content to index and rank websites but they say their users are now primarily mobile and it’s time for the change.

Responsive design feels like quite an old phrase these days, we’ve been harping on about it for years in the industry at least. Most sites have redesigned their sites to be mobile friendly but you’d be surprised how many out there haven’t.

Why Does This Matter?

It’s another reminder that your site needs to be responsive in design (i.e work well on a mobile device) as well as be fast and user-friendly. Google say that from July 2018, “content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers.” It’s also a good nudge to check things like site load speed on mobile devices, suitable hosting services, optimising images,video etc.

We always say that the best way, outside of technical and marketing audits, to check on your site is to use it yourself on a mobile device. If you do that all the time and are a bit blind to it, ask people you know to do the same and feedback to you.  Also, try out some key search phrases that you know you appear for. It may highlight issues you weren’t aware of or on a more positive note, it may simply put your mind at rest.

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