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Google Marketing Live 2019


Google Marketing Live 2019 was held over 2 days on 14th and 15th May 2019. It was streamed online and content is still available to watch from various keynote speakers.

Our Philosophi team logged in to watch with great interest to see what is new and in the pipeline from Google in the next year.

Here are some key takeaways from the event that we think you will find interesting. We highly recommend that you register and watch the speakers yourselves as there is much to watch. You’ll find the agenda here.

Gallery Ads

The ability to create a gallery of images as an ad carousel. This gives brands more options to engage with customers from their ads to generate conversions. Images will not always be appropriate for your ads but where they are, they will be returned based on keyword searches as per usual ads. The ability to show your products could be the key differentiator between you and your top competitors.  In your gallery ads you’ll be able to add 4-8 images, up to 70 characters in your copy and try up to 3 headlines to find the best performing ones.

This feature will be fully rolled out later this year.

Discovery Ads

Google says that this is about reaching users when they are in their most open stages of finding something new. It’s one of their biggest growing channels. The key here is the creative (design) supplied for these ads.  This new ad format is linked to the discover feed that you may or may not use on your mobile. This was previously known as Google feed. Google will push these creative led ads across the ‘discover channel’ based on a users interests rather than simple keyword based search.  This is much more like the Facebook ad targeting model.

Google Lens

Have you tried Google Lens? Way too much fun! download the app first.  Now point your phone at an object and it will tell you what it’s called, where to get one or anything else you want to know. How is this helpful? Visual and oral search is the way forwards as we become more and more used to trusting and speaking to technology.  In this instance, Google Lens can be useful when you struggle to find the right words to search for something.


What does this mean for website owners? Yes you guessed it, images need to be fully optimised. We usually find that they are the very last thing to be looked at in SEO when a site is managed in house. Think about visual search and what you will need to tell Google about every image  you add to your website. Some tips below:

  • Change the filename of your image before you upload it to the site to include seo friendly copy and your chosen keyword e.g. philosophi-products-ppc.jpg
  • Ensure you add a description to your image, include your keywords and describe the image contents
  • Ensure you add alt text to your image, again including the keyword.

These steps will help all google services to understand your visual content and display it where it is deemed appropriate across the various channels of search.

Deep Linking in Google Ads

At the Google Marketing-live 2019 event much emphasis was that Google is listening to what it’s users, marketers and business customers want and need. Based on feedback, they knew that the deep linking (where you link to a specific piece of content) functionality was limited.  Now they say, you will be able to create improved deep links.  Ads can be sending ad traffic direct to content on an app for example rather than simply linking to your website.

The Bumper Machine

Loving the name! So this tool is all about Youtube and creating different shorter versions of  video ads. the Bumper Machine has been designed to automatically create shorter versions of your ad (to 6 seconds) so that you can test the success of shorter versions. What is a bumper ad? Google says:

 While audiences are still willing and eager to engage with longer-form advertising, brands also need to be able to weave in effective shorter messages to guarantee exposure and a consistent brand experience when attention is at a premium. For this reason, YouTube has introduced a new six second bumper format that enables advertisers to capture attention in today’s mobile-first viewership environment.

Source: Think With Google

During the Google Marketing Live 2019 event, Nicky Rettke, Director of Product Management at Youtube delivered an interesting keynote around the Bumper Machine. It uses AI (machine learning) to work out which elements of a video to cut into a shorter higher impact 6 second version. Why 6 seconds? apparently research from Ipsos has shown that this is the optimal time for maximum ad recall and engagement.

How Does The Bumper Machine Work?

All you have to do is add a link to one of your youtube ad videos and the machine will do the rest. It will generate 3-4 6 second videos but it does offer a light editing feature so that you get the final say! The machine identifies elements your video like your logo, people, packaging and product.

Google are combining the audiences ‘custom affinity’ and ‘custom intent’ together as ‘custom audiences’ to enable advertisers to better target potential new customers.  This again is similar to Facebook in that you can target audiences based on interests.  The Audience Expansion Tool then allows you to find more people ‘similar’ to the ones you have found in your custom audiences (again, bit like the ‘lookalike’ feature on Facebook ads).

Google Marketing Live 2019 Summary

There is lots more to watch from this event and we’ll no doubt be sharing our thoughts on other innovations to come out of this event over the next few weeks.

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