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Google & Alphabet Explained

Google Alphabet

Who are Alphabet Inc and what have they got to do with Google?

Alphabet Inc are a new holding company essentially and so Google classic, as it’s often referred to, will sit within this company along with other projects like X Lab, Calico life, Nest and Fibre.

In short, they’ve done this for three key reasons:

1. To enable the core (money making) operations to continue

2. To enable more focus on the future

3. To retain and attract different talent to the different businesses

Each company will now be its own entity with its own CEO at the helm and while this may enable diversity as well as more focussed creative thinking, some think it might cause nothing more than a huge management disaster, we will as always watch with great interest.

The guys over at Tech Crunch have produced a really snappy video explanation if you’re interested to find out more:

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcCF8is1qSw’]