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Google AdWords Ad Extensions

With Ad Extensions, Google search ads can be so much more than just text and a link, here’s a quick overview of the current (16/07/2015) search ad extensions you can use:


Manual extensions:

You or your ad manager can add these extension yourself in AdWords. They have to go through an approval process before they are enabled.


App extensions

Let’s you put a link below your ad which when clicked takes the user direct to your app download – obviously great for promoting your app if you have one!



Call extensions

Great for all businesses, but especially good for small local businesses, the call extension adds a call now button next to your ad. Make sure you use it on your mobile search ads!





Location Extensions

Put a map marker link next to your ad which when clicked generally takes the user to your Google business page – great for local searches.




Review Extensions

Lets you show reviews from third party sources next to your ad. Like Winner: Productivity App of 2013…




Sitelink Extensions

Add more than one link to your ad by specifying site link extensions below your ad. Link to your multiple landing pages for your ad…




Callout Extensions

These are simple to add, extra items of text which sit below your ad to highlight offers, your unique selling points etc.




Automatic Extensions:

Automated extensions are added automatically by Google if they think it will improve the performance of your ad.


Consumer Ratings

Link your ad to a Google consumer survey and show off your consumer ratings!




Previous Visits

Shows a user how many times they’ve visited your site before below your ad. If they’ve been there once they are more likely to come again.




Social Extensions

Link your ad to your Google+ business page and show off how many followers you have.




Dynamic Structured Snippets

Show in depth details next to your ad brought in from the data on your website.




Seller Ratings

Shows your business rating from a number of sources.




Some of these ad extensions are very simple to set up and use, others can frankly be quite tricky. If you need help, get in touch…