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December Marketing B2B

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December Marketing

Maybe it’s just an industry thing, but its long been felt that December is a real dead zone for B2B marketing activities. Office parties and socials start even before December does in most cases and December marketing spend and focus decreases significantly. So, apart from kicking back and having some well earned r & r, what could you be focussing on in December?  Here are our thoughts, but don’t let us make you late for your party :

Office Hours & support details

Many businesses are so relieved that the break has finally arrived that they simply switch off, close the door and switch back on in January and they can do this because their clients do exactly the same thing. For many of us, we have clients who may well need our help out of hours and seven days a week, even on Christmas day.  One of the December marketing tasks we always plan in is to communicate how people can get in touch (in non-turkey related) emergencies. We’ll have a few client sales to put live after midnight on Christmas day and so this will have been well tested and ready to push live, but if there are any issues, we’ll be easy to contact holiday or no holiday.

Christmas Greetings

Aside from saying a thank you to your customers and clients and wishing them well, your Christmas card is a perfect opportunity to highlight something, it might be a charity you support, an event you are promoting, a new product or service..or something to watch out for in the new year

Plan For Next Year

This is the perfect month for planning, looking at budgets, media spend, generally mapping out 2016 as much as it can be. We all know that planning is key to success but the reality for many is that finding the time to do this is mostly an evenings (in to the night) and weekends kind of job.  Why not spend the last few days running up to the break planning, not only will it give you peace of mind over the holidays, but you’ll also be aware that as soon as January hits the ground running, you’ll be back to too busy in no time.

Review Strategies & Outcomes

When did you last have a good look at your web analytic data, have a really good look at your email marketing stats or review your return on paid for advertising? This might be the time to consider a few new ideas or a completely new approach to something.

If you are going to spend a few days planning then this might also a good time to plan what not to spend your money on next year, just a thought.