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Content Marketing – The Rise Of The How To Content

My teenage daughter often asks me how on earth we coped before the internet and before mobile phones, and on some days I can’t quite remember to be honest… but I did notice one thing, I use my smart phone all the time for how to help….I never noticed until recently how much it had become an every day occurrence, it creeps up on you this digital behaviour.

how to graphic stat

Source: Google/Ipsos, Consumers in the Micro-Moment study, March 2015. Based on the online population n=9598


I thought I’d do some research on how much this sort of behaviour has impacted our lives, our businesses and let you know how you can maximise this opportunity.

According to some excellent research carried-out by the Think With Google team, one global cosmetics brand has really seen this kind of ‘how to’ content have a huge impact on driving sales.  This is not a surprise as one of our clients, also generates a huge amount of site traffic  via their how to video guides and blog posts.

The most popular categories for searching out ‘how to’ help via smart phones is reported to be DIY and home improvements, cooking and beauty.  Of the DIY market, out of the top ten requested ‘how to’ help subjects was to do with toilets! seriously?  call a plumber!

So do you need to consider generating some of this content and where might one start.  There are a few different routes you can take depending on your product or service and your audience.

Screen recording and video capture 

Useful for showing a how to for a task on a website or a system. Camtasia have a good tool you can use for this and they usually offer a free trail, there are many others too.

Video creation

Can be really powerful and needn’t be massively costly, obviously depends on what you how to help you are creating but sometimes a mixture of video, graphics and animation can help to make a complex explanation seem simpler.  Talking heads are equally helpful and can be produced on your smartphone or created professionally depending the audience.  One of our recommended video suppliers Piers Untersander advises:

” If you are looking at producing an interviewer-led piece of how to content, you would have the spokesperson answers questions which are displayed via basic graphics, added during the editing process. This is normally more suitable for videos targeted at individuals rather than corporations/companies or buyers representing those companies”

Thomas Pinks How to tie a skinny tie is a great example:

B & Q have been embracing video for content marketing very well for some time and their viewing stats would suggest this has been very successful

It’s not all about the super brands with the giant budgets, our clients SensatioNail have also been creating how to videos which has proved very valuable


Animation can be used in conjunction with video or on its own to share how to style knowledge. A mixture of animated graphics and content can be really powerful. Depending on how complex this needs to be will impact the kind of budget you’d need to produce this content, but in our experience it has been worth the investment.

If you are interested in learning more about “How to” content  marketing for your business, please get in touch and tell us about your business.

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