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Is Consultancy a dirty word?

Consultancy, that old chestnut. You only have to know how to do something vaguely and you’re in the club.  I think it’s a common misconception of a consultant that makes people groan and roll their eyes.


In our opinion consultancy should be delivered by an industry or sector expert,  someone who really does know their stuff and has had time and the inclination on how to offer quality help and advice.

Invariably, if you talk to an IT consultancy or advisor who is linked to a technical company, they will often be promoting the perfect solution to your problems.. and low and behold, you are in luck, they do happen to offer just the thing.. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, it may well be just what you need, but lets take a few steps backwards for a second.

Getting advice at the right time way before any purchasing decisions are being made can save you the most costly mistakes you’ll ever make as a business.

Some examples of costly bushiness technical related mistakes? sure.. try these on for size

A client I worked with a few years ago was about to make a big and expensive decision on a new bit of management software for the business. We strongly recommended they take some advice from us prior to making the decision on the basis that occasionally software companies can be a tad crafty when it comes to answering technical questions from non technical customers..

So, we wanted them to make the right decision on the software choice and ensure it had a tried and tested API ( like a bridge between two systems) so that we could integrate their software with the site we’d built for our client.

Unfortunately, and as often happens, the purchase decision was made based on a loosely answered question “We have to ask you, will your system integrate with our website” to which the answer “oh yes of course” came swiftly back.  This was kind of true but had we been involved and provided that advice, we would of enlightened our client that actually that yes was as loose as it comes, and not entirely accurate in the way that our client wanted.

Providing that sort of advice is only part of it, other assistance can be given during the early stages of an idea, when a concept is still on paper and systems and solutions are being considered.  Advice can also be given  on saving money and when it comes to efficiency of systems and business processes.

Ultimately the most important element of consultancy, advice or whatever else you’d like to call it is trust and this can’t be bought or quickly gained but proved,  earned and deserved.  Invest in some expert advice early on and you’ll reap the rewards further down the line.

We can provide expert advice related to the digital side of things in marketing, technical and design areas, give us a call or drop us a line, we look forward to talking to you.

So back to the question then, is Consultancy a dirty word? ….. it depends on who you talk to.