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Christmas Advertising Panic?

Christmas Advertising

Are you in need of some help to improve your Christmas advertising campaigns? 

It might be that you just need a second pair of eyes or some advice on various areas you’re not 100% sure on.

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Ready For Christmas?

Ok it’s worse than that, you’ve not actually set anything up yet!

It’s ok, we can get things up and running for you pretty quickly but our advice, don’t put it off any longer. One of the issues with Christmas Advertising in the run up to the big day is that everything gets a lot more competitive, so you’ll see Pay-Per-Click prices double or treble for some search phrases and the small business can get priced out of the market. The trick here is to be be prepared and be smart with creating your campaigns it’s not always about money.

Email campaigns can be very powerful too but bear in mind that your customers are getting an increased amount of these emails and being bombarded usually tends to increase an unsubscribe rate.  A well planned email campaign that contains an irresistible (time limited) promotion is what is needed, it could be part of a series during the run up to Christmas and throughout the period.  Don’t forget to tell your customers when the last day for online orders is for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

It’s a bit late to be sorting out Affiliate marketing at this stage now as this is a slow burner and the affiliates will now but putting all their efforts into the clients they will get the best return form.  It’s worth considering for the new year in preparation for next years Christmas Advertising campaign.

Having a Christmas/January Sale ?

Are you having a sale on your website after Christmas? starting in January or on Boxing Day? Have you got this all set to auto-happen (not a real word but it is in our world and is used when clients generally make assumptions) ? or are you setting things off yourself around midnight on Christmas day?

It’s something to bear in mind, most agencies will be closed remember and not back in action until January so if you want something to happen over the Christmas break, get it organised now, most things can be set-up in preparation and then you may have to pay a little extra to have someone get things live for you over the holidays as well as provide support should any issues arise.

Paid for advertising campaigns and emails can all be setup in advance and pre-scheduled.

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