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We Celebrate The Sprout

Fresh Green Brussel Sprouts

Sprout Facts

We love the Sprout, there we said it. Here’s a bit of fun from Philosophi for pre-christmas office humour, fun and games. Enjoy.

Some great Sprouty facts from the Telegraph here including that our friendly brussels can help protects against some cancers and news that M & S are bringing out a new sprouty juice! oh Yum indeed!

How to Cook The Perfect Veg


Why Do Some People Hate Them?

A study by Cornwall College found that sprouts contain a chemical, similar to phenylthiocarbamide, which only tastes bitter to people who have a variation of a certain gene. The research found that around 50 per cent of the world’s population have a mutation on this gene. The lucky half don’t taste the bitterness usually associated, and therefore like them a whole lot more than everyone else.

Christmas Sprout Theme Gifts

For the man who has everything

And Finally…..Have Some Fun With the Sprouts

Warning!!, not for the faint hearted (or easily offended) this one, and advise to turn down your sound if  you are at work!

sprout game


An old favourite.. meet the sproutifarts