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CBD – Spotting The Next Big Thing!


CBD – short for cannabinoids, and from the cannabis plant (although not the extract that gets you high), is set to be 2019’s hottest new craze in skincare! It has long been known that there are positive healing qualities, as is often mentioned with medical marijuana. All of a sudden, every skincare and cosmetics company out there wants it in their products and wants to shout about it.

Has Cannabis finally found it’s way into the luxury lifestyle market? Secretly darlink…… we think it’s been there a while. Watch out beauty market, it’s heading your way.

Spotting Trends

What really interests us is the speed of these trends and the mention rates across multi media to a point where you can’t get through a day without hearing of seeing the phrase CBD.

How can you spot the next big trends, what is everyone talking about at the moment and has this markedly changed in volume and frequency over time?

Google Trends

Such a fab resource Google Trends allows you to see search trends over time, filtered to your needs and with related queries and topics. This sort of tool is really handy if you re looking at introducing something new or groundbreaking. It can give you an idea of the volume of searches around specific keywords and how that traffic has changed over time.

Take a look at CBD on it’s own as search. Worldwide search vs UK search trends over the last 5 years shows that it has been steadily increasingly searched for since around March 2017. In the UK the growth suddenly jumps in January 2018 and is continuing the trend.


Google also have a fab resource called Think With Google where you can find some really useful market resources and analysis.

Google Ads Keyword Research

Another useful tool if you think you might be onto something is to use the research tools within Google Ads. This shows the volume of various search keywords and phrases as well as providing you with ideas on similar search terms.  You’ll be able to see how the search volume has grown/declined over time, during specific seasons or over a set time period.  As an agency, we often find that this is one of the best ways of convincing a client that what they think is the right phrase or keyword to use actually isn’t.  You’ll need a Google ad account to use this tool.

#Social Trending

Another way to spot trends is to keep an eye out on the hashtags used on social and blog platforms, you’ll often see seasonal hashtags, for example #wordlbookday 7th March, #internationalwomensday 8th March but you will also see unique ones that can highlight trends in terms of what people are tagging their content too.  Make sure you are following the relevant companies and  influencers in the field you are interested in, they’ll possibly be in the know. Check out Reddit, Mashable and Buzzfeed for relevant trends from bloggers and influencers.

Industry White Papers & Reports

Goes without saying but if you want to find out what might be coming in the future then these are a good place to start.  Go to the website of an industry leader or governing body and you’ll generally find a whitepaper, while you’re there, sign up to the newsletter (you can always unsubscribe if you don’t like what they send out). Big research companies like Nielson and Kantar will often share and promote whitepapers on findings so look for the specialists in the field.  failing that, Google ‘ white papers on x’ and see what comes up.

Emerging Technologies

Looking at technology is a useful way to identify the next biggest thing and trade shows are a really good place to see lots in one place. It might not be easy to tell which things are going to make it or not but you’ll have an instinct and can keep an eye on the ones you think might be on to something.  CBD is not a new substance, but it’s venture into skincare ingredientology is becoming more widely accepted, a trend even.  One American company was an early adopter of using CBD, Hora Skincare and they stand by the benefits this ingredient offers.

Fads or Trends?

A interesting point then, how do you know if something is just a  fad? Is it when everyone is talking about it, huge media buzz, then gradually… fizzle fizzle and gone. A trend isn’t necessarily something that has zero shelf life, but the idea is that it will tend to stand the test of time. Fads and trends can start out looking quite the same which makes it difficult to know, so backing up your hunch with other information from that sector, search trends, trae shows will help.

What Now For CBD?


Is it a fad or a trend, our money is on a trend and we’ll be watching with great interest to see what happens next.  Harvey nichols are the first department store in the UK to stock a CBD infused cosmetics range by MGC Derma. There are already CBD food and drinks like  Green Monkey soft drinks (we love their ‘relax its not bull’ tag line, inspired!), tinctures like ‘Post coffee-drops’ by Minor Figures, Moxey’s Mints by Mr Moxey.. (source: The Grocer) So it seems like everyone is jumping on board with it. No doubt at some point some studies will be carried out to spoil the party and dampen down the actual benefits of these things but we love to have something to believe in or be excited about right!


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