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The Value Of Art Direction

philosophi -photoshoot planning and art direction

Art Direction – It’s often one of those ‘extra items’ when you are looking at a photography quote from your design agency and something that is often avoided in order to bring costs down. Today we had a finite amount of time to get as much done as possible (budget always a consideration). Our art […]

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We Celebrate The Sprout

Fresh Green Brussel Sprouts

Sprouty Facts Some great facts from the Telegraph here including that sprouts can help protects against some cancers and news that M & S are bringing out a new sprout juice! oh Yum indeed! How to Cook The Perfect Sprout http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/christmas-sprout Why Do Some People Hate Sprouts? A 2011 study by Cornwall College found that […]

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By: Saira

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