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Are Bing ads Part Of Your PPC Strategy?


Bing ads is another ad platform (yes there is more than just Google!) owned by Microsoft. Bing ads offers a similar PPC (pay-per-click) service to Google Ads. In fact you can copy across your campaigns from Google to populate Bing ads with their handy copy tool.

Is Google Still Top Dog?

Google remains the biggest search engine used in the UK with around 92% of the market, Bing comes in 2nd place at 4.57%.  On mobile search, Bing loses out to Yahoo for 2nd spot. The landscape is ever changing of course and Bing has plans to increase its market share especially in the mobile search market. Newer search engines such as Duck Duck Go are also growing in popularity due to their approach to user privacy.

Why Bother With Bing Ads?

Have a look at your website analytics, you’ll see traffic coming in from Bing, albeit in smaller volumes than Google. For many retail brands, conversion rates from Bing users (source/medium) tends to be higher than Google. It all depends on who your audience is of course but it is worth looking into. Google CPC (cost per click) has risen dramatically in the last few years as well making Bing ads more attractive.

Who Uses Bing To Search?

Bing is the default browsers on any windows machine and Microsoft encourage uses to keep it as the default browser, they say:

Keeping Bing as your default search engine provides an enhanced search experience in Microsoft Edge, including direct links to Windows 10 apps, more relevant suggestions from Cortana, and instant answers to questions about Windows 10. However, you can change the default search engine to any site that uses OpenSearch technology.

The typical Bing user, according to stats are:

  • 35+ with 55-64 being the biggest age group demographic
  • Tend to have a higher than average salary
  • AOV (Average Order Value) tends to be up to 25% higher than Google
  • Are most likely to be Internet Explorer users
  • Will mostly be from the US but UK aswell
  • Will be more likely to have a family

Know Your Audience

Interested? Does the above audience type match your target? The first place to go is to your web analytics to see what it is telling you about the source of your traffic. Go to Acquisition>All Traffic>Channel/Medium. If you use ecommerce tracking in your analytics, check the assisted conversions page as well. This will point out which channels assisted with any conversions.  Have a look at this traffic data, how does it differ from mobile to desktop views, and locations? This traffic may well be small but you might notice that the behaviour from Bing organic warrants a test with Bing Ads.

How To Get Started on Bing Ads

Create an account and either copy across your Google Ads campaign when prompted, or create a new Bing Only campaign based on a specific category, product or service you think this audience might be interested in. Bing ads also has a keyword tool similar to Google and an ad preview and diagnostic tool which is really useful.

Unlike Google, you won’t need to spend a huge amount of money to see results. Do make sure that your tracking is setup correctly and test well before it goes live. Make a note in analytics annotations when this went live so that you can see any changes or spikes.

Need Further Help?

If you’d like our help to work out if Bing Ads is right for your business, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at hello@philosophi.uk or pick up the phone and call us on (+44)1326 567182.

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