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Case Study: SensatioNail


The Brief

Pacific World Corporation, are a US company who own several cosmetic brands including, SensatioNail, nailene, Bio Oil and Revlon to name a few.

When Pacific World introduced SensatioNail to us, the brand was just gaining strength in the US and the UK.  The brief was to continue to grow both brand awareness and revenue by in an agreed time period as well as gaining more market share within the UK nail sector.


To kick off the campaign strategy, we got right back down to the basics of product e-commerce – really understanding what made the target audience tick, identifying their purchase behaviour and making sure every element of the campaign addressed this.

A focus on competitor understanding and research inspired an initial AdWords strategy that allowed the brand to compete on an almost even footing with a much smaller budget.

The product range includes starter kits, individual colours, accessories and essential care items. To increase customer loyalty, product bundles were created and worked into a promotional strategy that included flash sales, bundle promotions and ‘how to’ content to generate brilliant results.

Within 10 months, the website had broken well clear of the agreed revenue target and was way ahead of any competitors in terms of website penetration and brand loyalty.


SEO is one of the main focuses of ongoing activity for the SensatioNail website. Intensive optimisation activity was implemented to ensure the site would continue to rank well with Google and Bing. Integral to this was the reconfiguration of a solid, user-focussed site structure, URL structure and high quality content based on keyword research, competitor analysis and online industry activity.

Ongoing SEO forms part of the larger marketing support plan and incorporates conversion optimisation, content marketing, social media support, site mark-up and continual technical site improvements. Organic traffic accounts for over 60% of site traffic and approximately 50% of these sessions are new visitors each month.
A big win in terms of SEO has been the recognition of site content in the Google Knowledge Graph results. For example, the search term ‘How to apply gel nails’ retrieves a snippet of the SensatioNail website content. Knowledge Graph is a base used by Google to enhance its results and deliver highly relevant content to users. These results sit above organic search results.


User Experience

In line with ongoing SEO activity, work is continually carried out to improve user experience. This has included improving user friendliness for mobile users. This year 50% of site visits are via mobile device and 49% of transactions are completed on a mobile or tablet device. These figures will only grow so work on improving this can never stop.


A strict review process in the months following go-live concentrated spend only on activities that were generating best ROI – such as AdWords. Daily management and review of AdWords campaigns has resulted in over 44% of all online sales. This has been an ongoing challenge to maintain as high street brands such as Boots and online competitors such as Amazon have been bidding on the same keywords – increasing costs and making placement more competitive.

Paid search including Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook ads have delivered over 220,000 visits to the site to-date and accounted for more than 25% worth of site revenue. This paid search also has a stable conversion rate of around 6%.

Email Marketing

Repeat customers are SensatioNail’s largest source of revenue so a lot of campaign work is put into building brand loyalty and driving customers back to the site regularly.

We constantly research and evaluate email campaigns. As a result of this, obsessive timing regarding email communications has increased click through rates from 5% to 10% and driven over 100,000 new users to the site.


The number of subscribers to the mailing list has increased from around 1000 to 60,000 and is growing each week with the recent addition of a newsletter sign up optin pop-up for new website visitors.

Occasional promotions require users to enter an email address to retrieve a discount code which helps to boost database growth but this is limited so as not to have a negative impact on user experience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing activities are very successful for SensatioNail. At launch we set up an affiliate network which is regularly reviewed and updated. Relatively low investment has strong returns for promotional campaigns resulting in an ROI of between 250 and 500% depending on the time of year.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation applies to all aspects of the digital marketing and website design and development work. This year, we have implemented a conversion optimisation tool which helps us to drive sign-ups, reduce cart abandonment and improve A/B testing on the site. This activity is important to prevent site stagnation and as competitor brands become more sophisticated, we have to stay one step ahead!

Digital Marketing Planning

We work to a 6 and 12 month digital marketing plan with SensatioNail which includes scheduled promotional campaigns, content marketing, new product launches and affiliate marketing activities. All marketing activity is planned with goals and expected success rates. KPIs include number of transactions, revenue, email CTR, website sessions via medium and overall ROI.

As SensatioNail products are sold in Boots retail outlets on the high street, the website marketing plan needs to work around and be reactive to any off-line promotions held by retailers. We pride ourselves on the fact that the campaign is able to change, adapt and be responsive with real-time marketing and offline and online influences.

Sales Revenue

The proof is in the pudding: Since site launch, website revenue has increased an average of 340% per year since launch. A great achievement and one which means that SensatioNail UK is one of the strongest performing territories for the holding group globally.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Philosophi has given us an online presence that we didn’t have before, they have helped to increase our sales and awareness of the brand and product.  They understand the image of the brand, what we are about, what we are trying to promote and who we are targeting.”

We know that the right people are on the right jobs at the right level.  We have stuck with Philosophi because we have never felt the need to use another company, they deliver results.

They also make it fun, they’re prompt and they are a pleasure to work with”

Jackie Mason – Sales Director

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