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Case Study: Coodes

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The Brief

Coodes Solicitors are a legal firm based in the South West of England with an excellent reputation.  Coodes strive to help and educate people into understanding the law and what can be an antiquated and complicated legal system. Established in 1747 and with offices that stretch from Penzance in Cornwall to Holsworthy in Devon, Coodes deliver legal services to both private and commercial clients.  Coodes are a very active member of the business community and are often involved in charity and community projects that bring help and support to the communities they live and work in.

Coodes approached us to help them with their legal marketing, including a new website and improving their overall search engine rankings, traffic and website conversions.

With a highly experienced marketing team inhouse and a clear vision on what needed to be achieved, we were brought on board to work alongside this team and to produce results.

Website Design & Development

One of the key aspects of the website brief was to give the client as much control of the website as possible whilst maintaining the integrity of the design. Mobile first was at the heart of the design and structural thinking as well as utilising intelligence on SEO (search engine optimisation) to inform on url structure and naming conventions throughout the site.

The design needed to be clean and simple allowing for the content to be easily consumed and key call to actions performed no matter what device was being used to access it. While legal jargon is avoided as much as possible, it isn’t always possible when describing the law and so a specific section was designed to help with understanding legal jargon.

Imagery played a big part in the design, especially where the team were concerned and it was important to Coodes that potential clients could easily find the teams they might be working with to  find out more about them.

Google Analytics

Spending time setting up analytics properly was time well spent on Coodes. One of the most useful tools for clients and marketers alike, this can be setup with all basic functionality in place and will start to give you a good insight into what is happening with your website. There are lot’s of other more useful areas of analytics that take a little more technical knowledge and understanding of the system that, when set up can you give a much greater depth of understanding including:

  • the ability to create goals inline with your website goals that can be tracked and measured
  • the ability to understand which keywords are driving traffic to your website
  • the ability to access paid marketing activity such as PPC performance
  • the ability to have a greater insight into website conversions

Of course there is more but with some focus and investment, analytics can be one of the most valuable assets your business can have.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

With the website up and running and traffic coming to the site steadily, it was time to start analysing the areas of the site that needed more focus. This inline with the business objectives, was key to generating more relevant traffic to certain areas of the business at key seasonal trading periods.

Looking at keyword research, competitor analysis and market analysis, we have further developed selected areas of service that Coodes offer to increase both traffic and conversions.

This sort of legal marketing is so competitive, we sometimes see specific keyword gains are short lived where competitors have been monitoring activity and responding to changes we make to compete. This is all in the nature of the work and why we monitor closely. Losing ground by one or two places is all par for the course with Google as algorithms change and so we look for major changes as a sign for immediate action.

SEO involves creating unique and engaging content as well as well placed and timed calls to action. Close monitoring of search engine positions for specific selected keywords is also important and has delivered excellent results to date, this project is ongoing.

One of the most recent projects for SEO focus saw an increase of 97% growth in organic traffic year on year which was a real success for the business overall.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) For Legal Marketing

PPC is  pay per click advertising, the ads you’d see at the top usually of the search results on Google or Bing etc. We have designed campaigns based around specific business needs for Coodes and as some of the legal categories they compete in are very competitive, a very well planned and timed campaign is essential to see a good return from their budget.  This can be a real issue for businesses who sometimes find themselves competing against huge companies with endless budgets to throw at activities like PPC.

A good understanding of the Adwords platform is required to ensure that you are competing for the right keywords (not always the ones with the highest search volume), in the relevant locale and at the best time of day.  Negative keywords are added for search relevance and ad copy is tweaked until it is just right.

For Coodes we have generated an increase in goal conversions year on year by 50% from PPC activity. Again, this is an ongoing project.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Defining the success of a campaign is about more than just impressions and click through rates, but on achieving the overall business objectives of the campaign. By having direct access to the Coodes website, we are able to recommend and implement changes to any page or category to ensure that traffic converted to enquiries; meeting requests, telephone calls or more detailed contact forms.

Many advertising campaigns are seen as failures where the direct measures are on goals or revenue as a direct result and this element, where the website needs to do its job is the cause of the failure. Focussing on the layout, usability, content, calls to action, past and present performance/user behaviour will help diagnose and resolve these issues.


Since we started working on this project in 2015, the site has seen some great success and we have also learnt from things that haven’t worked as well and taken that learning forwards to generate further success. Legal marketing work is highly competitive in certain areas and we are constantly looking at creative ways to stay heading in the right direction.  Some key results from the last year are:

2018 vs 2017

  • We have seen a conversion rate of 22% on a specific PPC campaign
  • We have increased new visits to the site  by over 60%
  • We have increased goal completions on the site by 13%
  • We have increased organic search traffic by 68%

We continue to focus on delivering results inline with Coodes objectives into 2019.

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